Bristan Bliss 10.5kW Electric Shower

Author: Peter
Last updated: July 6, 2023

A Futuristic Electric Shower That’s Perfect for Today

The Bristan Bliss 10.5kW Electric Shower in black is a creatively designed electric shower straight out of the future. This cool-looking electric shower features an LED display and an easy-turn dial for changing the water temperature.

bristan bliss

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Sweet Looking Electric Shower

Probably the most distinguished feature of this electric shower is its LED display. Other electric showers will just tell you when the water is hot or cold by using one or two color indicators. This electric shower, on the other hand, lets you know the exact temperature of the water that you are using with its easy-to-see LED light display. This lets you keep tabs on specific temperature settings that you prefer when taking your shower.

Aside from the temperature indicator, this electric shower has a pre-heating feature.  The pre-heating feature or the warm-up mode lets you set the temperature of the water before it starts flowing. This means that you do not have to be startled by cold water starts. You get the perfect temperature every time you step into the shower. Once your ideal temperature is reached, flashing indicator lights will tell you that it is ready for use.

The Bristan Bliss 10.5kW Electric Shower has an anti-limescale feature that flushes the cold water out of the shower after every use. This eliminates the need to do manual cleaning inside the chamber of the electric shower. This also reduces the chances of mold growing inside the body of the shower.


Shower Head and Other Accessories

The design of the Bristan Bliss 10.5kW Electric Shower is not the only thing that you should be mindful of. The shower head and its accompanying components deserve your attention too. The shower head can be mounted on a shower rail that allows it to move up and down. This accommodates people of different heights in your household. The shower head features different water settings to fit your needs. The railing attachment also helps adjust the angle of your shower head.

The shower head attaches to the electric shower using a long flexible metal cable. This long cable allows you to wash your legs and feet thoroughly. You do not have to raise your leg just to wash it and risk slipping in the shower as you do. The long length can easily reach these hard-to-reach areas in a jiffy.


This great product deserves a place inside your home. Its modern design makes it a great addition to many types of design. Use this electric shower every day and you won’t ever have to suffer from cold water starts ever again.

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