The Right Fuse for Your Electrical Shower

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Last updated: June 7, 2020
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An electrical fuse is a safety device that cuts-off the flow of electrical current in a circuit when it is extremely high. Most of our electrical appliances have a fuse for safety purposes. When the electrical current in a circuit is exceedingly high, the fuse blows off to cut the wire inside it to stop the flow of electricity and protect your appliance. The amount of electrical current that can be handled by the fuse is based on fuse rating. When the current exceeds the rating, the fuse blows.

How do I know if my appliance has a fuse problem?

If your appliance or even a part of it does not work, try checking its fuse if it needs replacement. If it still doesn’t work after the fuse has been replaced then it is another problem and your appliance must be checked further to identify it.

 Things needed when replacing a fuse

There are a variety of fuses available from electronic shops. Aside from a replacement fuse, you will also need a continuity tester, a soldering gun, and a solder when replacing a blown-out fuse.

 How to choose the right fuse for an electric shower

Knowing the right fuse to use for our electric shower is something that most of us just overlook. Most of us only focus on choosing the right shower that fits our needs without even minding the proper fuse. Getting the wrong fuse for your electric shower could lead to major problems leaving you frustrated. Here are two tips in choosing the right fuse for your electric shower:

  • Check the current fuse – This is a bit easy since you already have an idea of what fuse is used for your shower. It helps a lot when you only need to replace or get a backup fuse for your existing electrical shower.
  • Calculate fuse rating – The rule of thumb in calculating fuse rating is 4 amperes in every 1,000 watts. For example, an electric shower with 8.5kW fuse is alright with 40 amperes. It is also advisable not to get a fuse that is significantly higher than what is required. You must also consider factors such as voltage supply as this can affect the fuse rating of your shower. If you are not that comfortable in performing these calculations on your own, you can get a qualified electrician to check for the right fuse you need and assess the whole circuit.

What happens if you get the wrong fuse for your electric shower?

The correct fuse size must be equal or nearest value above an electric shower’s kilowatt rating. Fuses that have a lower rating than what is required become overloaded, which results in your shower tripping out. An over-rated fuse cannot cut-off the power supply fast enough when the appliance experiences a short circuit. To prevent these problems in the future, proper fuse size and rating is essential. Below are examples of the recommended fuse size based on kilowatt ratings and its electrical supply.

Kilowatt RatingFuse Size
7.5 kW40 amperes
8.5 kW40 amperes
9.0 kW40 amperes
9.5 kW40 amperes
9.8 kW45 amperes
10.8 kW45 amperes

Choosing the right fuse for your electric shower won’t be a problem if you know its basics. Despite the type of shower you have, these simple tips will help you in finding what you need.

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