Triton Aspirante Review

Author: Peter
Last updated: June 7, 2020
Triton Aspirante brushed steel

Add a little gloss and shine to anything and you get a sleek and polished looking product. Triton probably had the same idea when they glossed up the Triton ASPIRANTE.  This 9.5kw slim line electric shower unit boasts of sophisticated design and superb power. It can heat and cool water in an instant.

The Electric Shower Body

The casing is made with glossed out black front panel with a turn dial and push button combo control in the middle. The design looks amazing on modern bathrooms. It can even fit classic design bathrooms. The compact body can fit in apartments with small shower areas.

The warm or cold water can be set using the rotating mechanism that helps change the temperature of the water easily. The water heats up or cools down quickly so you do not have to wait for the hot water before going under the shower.

The shiny smooth finish makes it look like a design element in itself rather than a fully functional electric shower. You might even mistake it for a wall mounted safe at first glance. Its discreet appearance gives your bathroom a sophisticated look.

Other Important Features

The LED light indicators around the rotating temperature control let you know which heating or cooling mode the electric shower is on. There are also power indicators to let you know that your machine is working properly.

The Triton ASPIRANTE is a 9.5kw slim line electric shower unit that comes in a gloss black with chrome finish.  It features a modern shower head attached to the electric shower with a flexible cable. It is mounted on a chrome railing that lets you adjust its height easily. It also has a build in soap dish for your convenience.

The shower head can be removed from the railing mount to help you clean lower areas of your body such as your legs and feet. The flexible cable is long enough to reach these areas without trouble. The entire shower kit is made of highly durable material so you can be assured that your electric shower will last you a long time.

Final Word

The 9.5kw Triton ASPIRANTE Electric Shower Slim Line Unit in Gloss Black with Chrome Shower Kit is more than just an apparatus that gives you hot and cold water on demand. It is a bold declaration of style and sophistication. Get one for your home today and be the trendsetter whose taste in bathroom fixtures are out of this world awesome.

Triton Aspirante in black

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