Triton Collection II 9.5 kW Gun Metal Effect Review

Author: Peter
Last updated: June 7, 2020

A Sleek Shower with Amazing Features

triton collection gun metal effect

When you first see the Triton Collection II 9.5 kW Electric Shower - Gun Metal Effect, you could mistake it for a metal safe mounted on a bathroom wall. That’s what it looks like from afar. Up close, this single rotating control in the middle of the electric shower is your access to hot and cold showers.

Gun Metal Effect at its Best

The slim design of the Triton Collection II 9.5 kW Electric Shower is one of the things that make this electric shower great for small shower areas and small apartments. It does not take up much space but it can still effectively deliver hot or cold water in an instant.

The silver gun metal color is great for anyone who is tired of the usual white colored electric showers. Underneath the gun metal finish is a powerhouse chamber that heats your water at your command.

To control this electric shower, you will need to turn the dial on the rotary mechanism found in the middle of its body. At the bottom of the dial is the off and on switch which lets you open and close the electric shower with just one touch. Use the other buttons found on the sides of the rotary mechanism to change the water output from light to heavy. The soft touch control is simple to use and illuminates with a backlight to tell you which setting is being used.

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Special Feature

This electric shower uses a phased shutdown. This means that it has a shutdown process that prevents limescale build up caused by water that stays inside the shower’s body when it is not being used. During the phased shutdown process, the electric shower expels the unused water from the water chamber.  This ensures that mold or limescale does not build up inside your electric shower and affect its performance and lifespan.

The shower head can be set for five different shower settings, each with its special characteristics. The 5 shower setting gives you flexibility to set how strong or how soft you want the water to flow.

The chrome rail that holds the shower head is fully adjustable so you can raise or lower it anytime you want. It also lets the shower head swivel left or right.


This electric shower has all the features of a great shower and added perks that no other electric shower has. It is made for the modern home with its gunmetal finish and its sleek look. You will not go wrong when you buy this electric shower.   

triton collection gun metal effect closeup

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