Triton Seville Electric Shower Review

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Last updated: July 6, 2023
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On your quest of finding an ideal electric shower, you’ve probably come across the Triton Seville Electric Shower. After all, it’s in the top five of anyone’s list of the best electric showers available today, including ours! If you’d like to learn more about the Triton Seville, you’re in the right place.

Power Ratings

The Triton Seville Electric Shower is available in four models that vary in terms of power ratings. This article is going to be heavily focused on the 10.5KW model, but just as a reference for you, the Triton Seville is available in 7.5KW, 8.5KW, and 9.5KW models as well. Note that the higher the KW value associated with an electric shower, the higher its flow rate is going to be.

If you’re not sure which model you should purchase exactly, then you need to inspect the mains water pressure and electric output in your property. If both of these factors are fairly weak, you’ll need an electric shower with a low KW value such as the 7.5KW or 8.5KW models. We also feel the need to point out that the Triton Seville isn’t suitable for use outside of the United Kingdom.

Installation Area

One of the things that have granted the Triton Seville its broad popularity is ease of installation. This is an aspect that the majority of electric showers, whether cheap or high-priced, don’t really get right. When it comes to installing an electric shower, there are a few fixed points that need to be secured, and so switching the installation area and your existing pipework won’t be that easy.

To resolve this issue, Triton Showers has included five entry points designed for the water feed and cables in the Triton Seville. These entry points provide a straightforward installation process whether you’re trying to fit the shower in a new area or p[lace it where your old shower has been previously. And since the installation process will be easy, the expenses will be much less.


The Triton Seville Electric Shower features a couple of adjustable knobs on the device itself that you can use to regulate the water pressure to your liking. You can choose between ten pressure levels, one being the coldest and ten being the hottest. This shower also offers you three power options to pick from, namely Cold, Eco, and High.

You should also be aware that the Triton Seville Electric Shower is compatible with a cold mains water system which is highly convenient for those who are looking to enjoy a nice, hot shower in a place that doesn’t feature a hot water heater such as a holiday cabin. We’re also quite fond of how quick this shower is to act. You won’t have to wait for the hot water to come pouring on you.

The Triton Seville boasts an outlet sensor that serves as a means of protecting the system from overheating. The way this procedure works is very simple. In the event of the system reaching a certain temperature discerned by the outlet sensor, the entire system will shut down. This safety mechanism helps protect the shower and ensure long-lasting performance.

Another thing that makes the Triton Seville a remarkable shower is the fact that it doesn’t rely on a boiler in order to produce hot water. Instead, it utilizes an internal element to heat the water so your boiler won’t be used at all while the Triton Seville is working. Generally speaking, the less a boiler is used, the longer its life expectancy will be.

It’s also worth mentioning that boilers aren’t really that affordable. An electric boiler will cost you anywhere between £1,500 and £2,500. There are various types of boilers on the market, and all of them are pretty costly. What we’re trying to say is that Triton Seville will help save you a pretty penny that would have otherwise been spent on spare parts for your boiler or a full replacement.

Ease of Use

Included in the Triton package is a very flexible shower head that offers a trouble-free showering experience. You can use the shower head to switch between five different spraying options. You can switch from a gentle spray to an intense blast instantaneously. The head is connected to the device with the aid of a flexible, anti-twist hose to avoid tangling.

Everything about this electric shower is straightforward and effortless, from the temperature and flow adjustment knobs to the highly flexible shower head. One thing you should keep in mind is that the 10.5KW version of the Seville can be too powerful for some people, so you should try all of the flow rate settings out in order to figure out which one works for your best.

Strongest Selling Points

  • Extremely Affordable - The Triton Seville is one of the most affordable electric showers on the market today, which is hard to believe considering the array of features that it has to offer. You can get the Triton Seville for less than £100 on Amazon.
  • Easy Installation - With the aid of the water and cable entry points, you’re going to have the easiest time installing this electric shower. Moreover, the package includes a detailed guide that demonstrates the installation process comprehensively.
  • Two-Year Guarantee - The Triton Seville is backed by a two-year guarantee for all parts and labour. However, we feel the need to stress again that this product is suitable for use only in the UK, so this warranty won’t apply anywhere else.


With the Triton Seville, you’ll enjoy an excellent performance that won’t take a toll on your boiler, thanks to the use of an internal heating element. Not to mention just how affordable this shower is. Hopefully, the information we provided today has filled you in on everything you need to know about the Triton Seville. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

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