In-Depth Review: Triton T80z Fast-Fit Electric Shower

Author: Peter
Last updated: November 12, 2023

Replacing showers often involves significant changes, substantial plumbing costs, and extensive cleanup. Triton's T80z Fast-Fit Electric Shower, a product of a renowned British company, is designed to simplify this process, whether for replacements or new installations. But how does it fare in reality?

T80z shower

Key Features and Specifications


  • Height: 334 mm
  • Width: 225 mm
  • Depth: 104 mm
  • Wattage Options: 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 kW


  • Adjustable-bracket riser rail
  • 4-inch rub-clean shower head
  • Sleek white color with a tapered backplate

Control Panel

  • Temperature control dial
  • On/Off button
  • Water flow/pressure control dial
  • Low-pressure indicator

Plumbing Compatibility

  • Single cold water supply
  • Operates between 1 and 10 Bar water pressure

Dura-Flow™ Technology

This technology reduces scale build-up, enhancing the durability and safety of the shower.

Power Rating and Installation Requirements

The T80z Fast-Fit is available in various power ratings, influencing water flow and temperature consistency. For example, a 7.5kW shower provides a flow rate of around 3 liters per minute, while a 10.5kW model increases the flow by 50%. The installation requirements vary with the power rating, with a 7.5kW shower needing a 32A circuit breaker and a 6mm² cable, compared to a 10.5kW shower requiring a 45A breaker and a 10mm² cable.

Installation Flexibility

The shower offers multiple entry points for water pipes and cables, making it adaptable to most plumbing and electrical systems. It features a Swivel-Fit inlet for a 180° reversible water connection and a Swing-Fit terminal for flexible electrical cabling.


  • Great value for money
  • Multiple entry points for easy installation
  • Stylish design
  • Five spray patterns
  • Removable filter for maintenance


  • Requires professional installation
  • Adjustment procedure can be complex for beginners
  • Slow temperature control response

Unique Features

Swivel-Fit Feature: A Closer Look

  • What It Is: The Swivel-Fit is a 180-degree reversible water inlet that significantly simplifies the installation process.
  • How It Works: It allows water connections from both sides of the unit, accommodating various bathroom plumbing layouts without the need for extensive modifications.
  • Benefits: This feature is particularly beneficial in scenarios where the water inlet needs to be shifted from one side to another, depending on the existing plumbing structure.

Swing-Fit Feature: Enhancing Electrical Flexibility

  • Functionality: This feature involves terminal blocks on both sides of the unit, enabling easy connection to existing electrical setups.
  • User-Friendly Installation: The ease of switching the terminal block from one side to another streamlines the electrical connection process, making it faster and less complex.

Multiple Entry Points for Unparalleled Adaptability

  • Water Entry Points: The unit offers 8 different water entry points, providing diverse options for accommodating existing plumbing.
  • Cable Entry Points: With 6 cable entry points, it ensures compatibility with various electrical configurations.
triton t80z


The Triton T80z Fast-Fit Electric Shower stands out for its installation flexibility, modern design, efficient operation, and innovative features like the Swivel-Fit and Swing-Fit. It offers a convenient solution for upgrading or installing new showers, saving time and effort while maintaining quality and affordability.

2 comments on “In-Depth Review: Triton T80z Fast-Fit Electric Shower”

  1. After six months of use,the thermostat overheated and melted several wires.
    Fortunately, I still had six months of guarantee remaining.
    Triton repaired it within two days of notice.
    If you purchase one of these, be sure to register it with Triton to make sure of your guarantee.
    And check the internal wiring regularly.

  2. How long should it take to replace an existing shower with a T80Z fast fit?
    About, how much would a reputable plumber/electrician charge to do this job?

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