Triton T80z Fast-Fit Review

Author: Peter
Last updated: June 7, 2020

Replacing showers can be such a great hassle when we think about all the changes we have to make, all the money we have to pay our local plumber to adjust our plumbing system, and all the cleaning afterward (ugh!).

Some mornings we just let ourselves be flooded with cold interrupted water coming from our old showers just to avoid that hassle altogether.

To make matters better, Britain’s company Triton released T80z Fast-Fit. This product helped ease installation, whether it’s replacing an old shower or setting a new one.

So how good can Triton’s T80z Fast-Fit Electric Shower actually be?

T80z shower

General Features of Triton T80z Fast-Fit Electric Shower


  • Height: 334 mm
  • Width: 225 mm
  • Depth: 104 mm
  • Wattage: provided in 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 kW (Check out the explanation of kW here)


  • Stylish adjustable-bracket riser rail
  • Rub-clean shower head
  • 4-inch shower head diameter
  • Color: White
  • Tapered backplate giving a neat look on the bathroom wall.

Control Panel:

  • Temperature control dial
  • On\Off button
  • Water flow/pressure control dial
  • Low-pressure red light indicator

Plumbing System Compatibility:

  • Requires a single cold water supply
  • Minimum running pressure is 1 Bar
  • Maximum running pressure is 10 Bar

This shower stands out in the flexibility and ease of installation in comparison to its sisters in the same range produced by Triton. Each one of its sisters has its own strong point.

The Thermostatic electric shower strength point lies in a stable stream of hot water. This Slimline electric shower is a really small unit that can fit anywhere.

It's also a very good option for those who require ease of installation. The T80z Fast-fit comes with 8 entry positions for water pipes, and 6 entry points for cable. This will allow your shower to fit in almost every possible plumbing and electrical system.

Also, It has an adjustable Swivel-Fit inlet. This is a 180° fully reversible swivel water inlet which allows for water connections from both sides of the unit. The Swivel-Fit inlets will consequently ease your installation procedure.

In addition to that, it also has a Swing-Fit terminal, to allow both left and right cabling. This is a strong privilege against traditional electric showers with specific, unadjustable entry points.

The adjustable bracket on the versatile kit is also flexible. It can be moved up and down to allow you to use the existing fixing holes, instead of making new ones for your new kit.

So you can say that every bit of your unit is adjustable to suit your needs.

How easy is it to install?

Check out this video by Triton on how to install this electric shower.


  • Great value for money
  • Various entry points
  • Ease of installation to any of the existing plumbing systems
  • Limitation of water consumption
  • Provided with 5 different spray patterns
  • Stylish contemporary design
  • An easily removed filter that maintains the proper performance of your shower.


  • A professional plumber and electrician are required to set the unit in place.
  • The adjustment procedure can be tricky for those who are not familiar with plumbing.
  • the required temperature takes time to be reached.
triton t80z

So what makes this Triton shower so special?

The Swivel-Fit Feature

The 180-degree reversible water inlet allows for great accessibility to all the possible water connections present in your bathroom. You no longer need to worry about resetting your plumbing system or setting your unit in an awkward position.

You can easily move the inlet from the left to the right side of your unit. This is done according to the position of the water pipe. Attach the inlet and rest assured that you won’t need to do any breaking or changing in your plumbing system.

The Swing-Fit Feature

The terminal blocks on the right and left sides of the unit are a unique advantage which connects your unit to all possible existing wiring, so your electrician can do it in a blink of an eye.

Simply, all they have to do is remove the retaining screw that holds the block in place. After that, they should reposition your block on the other side. They should then reattach the screw back into its hole to retain the block in its new position to finish the changeover.

Whichever side you connect to, there’s a corresponding earth terminal. Either on the left or right, you can easily use your required one.

Multiple Entry Points

The number of entry points in this unit aims to make different routes for all different wirings and pipes connected to your shower. The unit is provided with 8 water entry points; Top, bottom, side bottom and back on each side of the shower.

It’s also provided with 6 cable entry points; Top, bottom and back on each side of the unit. This gives you complete access to all directions which could hold wirings or water pipes.

To make matters even easier, Triton supplies you with a fitting template. This helps when existing pipework or electrical cable connections are not available or need to be moved.

You can install it easily to your current piping and wiring. Just make sure that your electricity supply is compliant with safety regulations. And the regular water pressure is often adequate.

So, To Conclude

Triton’s T80z Fast-Fit is a unique product that takes replacing old showers or even installing new ones to a whole new level of ease and speed. It can easily fit any plumbing and electrical system you might already have, sparing you the hassle of changing systems or creating new ones.

Technology's main goal is to save time. And I would say that this product hit the bull’s eye with its Swivel-Fit and Swing-Fit features. These features give total adjustability of the unit altogether, saving us a lot of time and energy while maintaining good quality and proper pricing.

Also, the modern stylish design along with the unit’s white finish makes it perfect for most decors. This look will complement your bathroom with neatness and beauty.

2 comments on “Triton T80z Fast-Fit Review”

  1. After six months of use,the thermostat overheated and melted several wires.
    Fortunately, I still had six months of guarantee remaining.
    Triton repaired it within two days of notice.
    If you purchase one of these, be sure to register it with Triton to make sure of your guarantee.
    And check the internal wiring regularly.

  2. How long should it take to replace an existing shower with a T80Z fast fit?
    About, how much would a reputable plumber/electrician charge to do this job?

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