Cool LED Shower Head

Author: Peter
Last updated: June 18, 2020

Showerheads are usually not very interesting. Why not take showering into the next level with a cool shower head with built-in LED diodes which change their colour according to the temperature of the water! Don't worry, no batteries are needed! The water flows through a very small turbine which generates electric power (LED diodes need only extremely small electrical current).

IceMoon Colour Changing LED Shower Head

LED showerhead

If your children feel bored during bath or showering, this simple and cheap showerhead will definitely do the job. Please be sure that you have a reasonable water pressure (between 1 and 6 bar).
Great thing is that it changes colour according to water temperature. This is also a nice safety feature so you won't get burnt.

The only disadvantage I found is that the showerhead is a bit noisy (probably due to the power generation system for LEDs to work)

Where does it take power from?

No batteries needed! All the power comes from the water flow itself.

What colours are there?

Red, green, blue and yellow.

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