The Creda 10.5kW All-Chrome

Author: Peter
Last updated: June 7, 2020
The Creda 10.5kW

The Creda 53557581 10.5kW All-Chrome Electric Shower doesn’t just look good and elegant. Add power, performance, and ease of use to that and you’ve got a perfect electric shower that is not just reliable; it’s also easy on the budget!

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The Creda 53557581 All-Chrome Electric Shower is a stylishly designed all-chrome electric shower that adds a touch of class to your bathroom. It provides additional safety to its users with its stabilized temperature control with an electronic phased shutdown. The user can use the settings from the shower’s previous user with just a push of the stop/start button. The power selection button also enables you to optionally use eco-power in warm-water summer months, or full-power during cool-water temperature months. It includes a fantastic looking chrome multi-mode shower head, riser rail kit, plus accessories. It also comes with Creda's 3-year money-back guarantee.

Technical details:

Power- 10.5 kW
Product dimensions- 55cm x 25.8cm x 13cm
Item Weight- 3.3 Kg

· Stylish all-chrome electric shower
· On/ Off and power selection push button
· High, medium, and cold power selection
· Phased shutdown flushing through hot water
· 3-year manufacturers guarantee
· Box contains: (1) Shower Unit, Multi-Mode Shower Head, Anti-Kink Hose, Chrome Riser Rail Kit, and Instructions Leaflet
· Made in the UK

Pros and Cons:


- Looks good (nice, sleek, stylish looking)
- Easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, easy-to-install
- Compact (small)
- Various temperature control options to choose from
- Decent, reliable pressure shower that works well in low-pressure areas
- Ideal for hard-water areas, especially during colder months
- The shutdown feature prevents scale from forming in the heating coil, which ultimately results in longer shower life
- Full-on steam and power (provides great soothing, massaging water pressure)
- Electric (doesn’t require batteries to operate)
- Good price (great for families, best for everyone)


- Produces reduced water flow on Low (switching from High to Medium produces less pressure)
- Not the biggest shower head available

If you’re in search for a reliable electric shower head, the Creda 53557581 10.5kW All-Chrome Electric Shower outperforms others. It is great for low-pressure areas as well as in colder climates. It is easy to use and easy on the budget. Its all-chrome look adds an additional style to power and performance. Overall great in appearance, function, and price.

2 comments on “The Creda 10.5kW All-Chrome”

  1. I would like to replace my Creda chrome electric shower for another preferably 10.5kw,but I can't seem to see any for sale?

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