Best Low Pressure Electric Shower for 2020

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Last updated: June 7, 2020
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Low pressure in water piping troubles a lot of people. Most of us had the opportunity to "enjoy" a shower with a low water pressure, where the water barely sprayed out of the showerhead. On top of that, ordinary electric showers often refuse to run with insufficient water pressure! Luckily for us, electric shower manufacturers came up with a solution and created pumped electric showers (or low-pressure electric showers). What does it mean?

A pumped electric shower uses  ... yeah, you guessed it right, a pump to raise the water pressure so you can have a comfortable shower. Awesome for all of those with water pressure problems.

Do I need a "pumped" low-pressure electric shower?

The decision process for this question is extremely straightforward. Here are the two questions you need to answer first:

  • Is your shower water stream uncomfortably weak?
  • Does an ordinary electric shower refuse to run in your bathroom due to low water pressure?

If you answered any of these two questions yes, then definitely consider a pumped electric shower. If you don't suffer from any of those problems, you will be better off with an ordinary electric shower.

For example, if your water supply is just a water tank on the roof, the pumped shower has an internal mechanism to pump and increase the flow of water through it, which results in a stronger water stream from the showerhead.

These are the best low-pressure electric showers for 2020:

Mira Elite St Pumped 9.8kW

Low pressure electric shower

High-quality electric shower with an integral pump to increase the water pressure. Suitable for places with low water pressure, where usual electric showers are uncomfortable or are not working at all. Some of the features are manual temperature control, start and stop button, showerhead with 4 different spray types. Mira Elite also features a system called Clearscale which reduces limescale by half.

A delayed shutdown is useful for safety and reducing limescale. It flushes hot water from the tank for safe showering of the next user.

Check price and user reviews

Triton Tank-fed T90xr 8.5kW


Another well-made powerful electric shower with a pump making it suitable for places with low water pressure. The integral pump will rapidly increase water flow and therefore make showering much more comfortable. This shower features a start/stop button, power selector with three choices:

  • Cold
  • Economy
  • High

It also has a temperature control with a numbered dial for easy temperature changing.

The Shower head has 5 different spray patterns to guarantee the best showering experience.

Check price and user reviews

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