Triton Perea 9.5kW - White/Brushed Steel Effect

Author: Peter
Last updated: June 7, 2020

Taking a shower just got better with the Triton Perea 9.5kW Electric Shower. This electric shower comes in a sleek modern design with a white/brushed steel effect.

Triton Perea 9.5kW shower

The Perea Sleek Look

You might be surprised to find that this shower does not have a pre-set water temperature level. What it does have is a steel dial in the middle with two curved red lines on the right of the dial and two blue curved lines on the left. Pointing the dial further towards the red lines will heat up the water while turning it in the opposite direction towards the blue lines heats it up.

If using the dial isn’t fast enough for you, you can just push one of the two buttons available at the face of the electric shower to get hot or cold water in an instant. It comes with LED light indicators for easy identification of water temperature.

The start and stop button are one of the best additions in the Triton Perea 9.5kW Electric Shower. Previous models only had rotary dials. The start/stop button lets you control the water flow with just one button. You do not have to fidget with the temperature while your eyes are full of soap. Get the same temperature of the water every time you turn on the shower with this nifty button.

Triton Perea 9.5kW shower

Characteristics and Other Features

The one thing that makes this electric shower stand out is its push-button controls. Don’t worry about getting water in the electric shower. These push-button controls are sealed perfectly so that water cannot seep through the controls and cause a short circuit to the electric shower.

The other thing that you need to know about this electric shower is that it has a low pressure LED light indicator to tell you that the water supply won’t be as strong. This manages your expectations so you do not get disappointed when you step into the shower.

The shower head comes with 5 different spray settings from strong water output to a soft rain-like trickle. Have fun trying them all and discover which one is your favorite.

Triton Perea 9.5kW closeup

Final Word

The Triton Perea 9.5kW is one of our favourite electric showers. We loved the design, it is super affordable and does so many things that not many other electric showers can. It has a sleek, modern design that looks clean and perfect for any kind of bathroom. The start/stop button makes it easy to get the right temperature of water without groping for controls. The five-shower setting gives you the option to get a stronger shower output or a gentle drizzle-like output. The choice is yours. It’s a great electric shower to have at a great price.  

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